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Overlap of analytics, consulting, and designOther companies that are in analytics, consulting, and design

From electronic communications to online commerce and from health records to investment registers, the growth of data is staggering — doubling every 18 months. Using this data as a business asset has the potential to change the game in research, innovation, and marketing. The question is no longer whether big data is valuable, but how to extract business value from big data.

Many traditional analytics, consulting, and design companies have entered the big data market, each with their distinct strengths and weaknesses. Analysts crunch the numbers, but often fail to productively interact with decision makers. Consultants communicate to decision makers, but often do not have the quantitative analysis skills required to handle big data. Designers craft beautiful infographics, but often as pretty pictures rather than business value.

We solve big data problems by operating in the space where analytics intersects consulting and design. We borrow the good parts from each of these areas, enabling our clients to make better decisions and bring better data-driven products to their consumers.


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