shows the four rough phases of our data-driven process

we design solutions and products with
a human-centered, data-driven approach.


we collaborate with our clients to ensure that our solutions fulfill the needs of both client and consumer.

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we think creatively about data sources that can be combined or created to provide insight for our clients.

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we analyze data using the right techniques, oftentimes writing customized analytics.

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we visualize your results to effectively convey information to both client and consumer.

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Nobody knows your business like you.
Nobody knows data-driven consulting and design like us.

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We collaborate to identify ways that analytics can improve your business. We iterate between listening to your business needs and suggesting potential analytics solutions to your specific business problems.

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We understand the sensitive nature of your valuable data. Our data-driven process begins and ends with complete privacy and security of your data. We are willing to work on your network, as necessary.

The best analytics in the world can't make something out of nothing.
We clean and combine data to drive our results.

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We get creative when it comes to identifying data sources. We can use data within your organization or outside your organization. If your data is incomplete, we can fill in the gaps with custom tools and surveys.

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We merge data with ease. We combine data sources to drive our results, often building a reuseable data asset for your business in the process. We can even clean messy data to reveal diamonds in the rough.

We use cutting-edge techniques to solve problems, not to "wow" you, but to deliver actionable solutions for your business.

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We keep close ties with the rapidly evolving data science community. We draw upon modern engineering, physics and computer science to design solutions that reflect your business processes and allow you to make actionable decisions for your business.

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We don't use our favorite sledgehammer to solve problems. We treat each engagement as unique and combine the best open-source tools with our powerful Lens™ library to deliver unrivaled solutions.

An insightful and useful infographic is worth 1,000,000 words.
Unlike geek speak, a LivingReport™ will not leave you scratching your head.

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We design our analytics and visualizations with the audience in mind. We design solutions for management differently than we design solutions for publicly facing products. We never lose site of the end-user.

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We deliver your results in LivingReports™ — dynamically updated web-based reports with intuitive interactive visualizations, including a synthesis of key insights and suggestions for action.

100% repeat business

All of our clients engage us in additional projects. Here's why.

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    left quote symbol Datascope Analytics worked with our team to design an innovative, data-driven product that seamlessly fits into Daegis' existing work flow. By reducing our review costs by 70%, we have opened up a new revenue stream of e-discovery analytics. read more

    Duane GeorgeCTO Daegis

  • analytics,change management,consulting,design,featured client,living report,project,visualization

    left quote symbol The LivingReport™ effectively moved application of network analysis into the business environment. The custom analytics and compelling visualizations designed by Datascope Analytics enabled better decision-making for a major change initiative, and created a broad base of understanding about knowledge transfer within our organization. read more

    Kathie FelberPrincipal Engineer Procter & Gamble

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    left quote symbol After working with Datascope Analytics to develop the scientific assessment strategy for our Scialog: Solar Energy Conversion program, we better understand how to design our programs to increase the number of new collaborations between scientists and maximize the impact of our funding. Datascope Analytics’ work on this project was simply outstanding; I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job! read more

    Richard WienerProgram Officer Research Corporation for Science Advancement

client industries / solutions

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Consulting ServicesConsumer ProductsEducationEnergyFinancial ServicesFood ServicesHealthcareInformation ServicesInsuranceLegalLife SciencesMedia & MarketingNonprofitRetailSoftwareSports & GamingTransportationTravel


Change managementChurn reductionCollaboration managementData visualizationE-mail network analyticsHuman resources managementInformation product designMarketing analyticsMedical product designOrganizational designSocial network analyticsSports analytics
  • Marketing analytics

    client profile headshot

    Senior Vice President

    retail industry

    Her business amassed millions of customer records and she wants to know how to expand her company's market share.

    We work with her company to design a cloud-based analytics platform that guides her company's expansion.

    Data visualization

    client profile headshot

    Database Administrator

    financial services industry

    He wants to make more actionable decisions than his existing OLAP system allows.

    We designed a custom analytics platform, which integrates with his organization's data, to make more informed decisions.

    Sports analytics

    client profile headshot

    Recruiting Coordinator

    sports & gaming industry

    His scouting department has kept meticulous records and is intrigued about what analytics might offer.

    We build on his baseball-specific knowledge to identify a several key insights about prospective players from advanced analytics.

    Human resources management

    client profile headshot

    Project Manager

    software industry

    He wants to benchmark his development team's performance in an unbiased manner.

    We tailor a performance benchmark to integrate with their revision control software and provide real-time feedback on team performance.

    Organizational design

    client profile headshot


    education industry

    He wants to see how his initiatives, designed to increase collaboration between departments, have influenced the university.

    We develop a LivingReport™ that uses electronic publication data to visualize trends in collaboration across the university.

    Change management

    client profile headshot

    Vice President

    consumer products industry

    He wants to radically change the work process within his company and optimize the speed and effectiveness of adoption.

    We identify a core group of "influentials" that are optimally positioned to facilitate the spread of adoption throughout his company.

    Information product design

    client profile headshot


    information services industry

    He wants to transition his company from the data subscription business to the analytics business.

    We design a scalable set of tools that permit existing subscribers to interact with their data through a custom LivingReport™

    Medical product design

    client profile headshot


    healthcare industry

    His company is developing a medical device and wants to optimize his device's effectiveness with sophisticated analytics back-end.

    We develop software that analyzes the data in real time and integrates with his company's existing infrastructure.

    Information product design

    client profile headshot


    consulting services industry

    Her firm sells annual reports to hundreds of clients, but she wants to supplement their reports with robust analytics.

    We develop novel methods, using both freely-available and proprietary data sources, that enable her firm's clients to assess outcomes.