We wear many hats.

we wear many hats.

We joke around.

we joke around.

We use both sides of our brain.

we use both sides of our brain.

We are collaborators.

we are collaborators.

We are a team of passionate data scientists / entrepreneurs / designers. Our culture promotes exploration, learning, and diversity of thought. We use open source tools when possible, contribute to the open source community, and engage in projects that will likely have a positive contribution to society.

the team

  • Laurie Skelly sketchy headshot

    Laurie Skelly

    data scientist

    Laurie loves to explore the data behind the story and find the stories within the data. read more

  • Gabriel Gaster sketchy headshot

    Gabriel Gaster

    data scientist

    Psyched by big ideas and simple solutions, Gabe particularly enjoys enslaving computers to do stuff so that he doesn't have to--especially, you know, like really cool stuff. read more

  • Dean Malmgren sketchy headshot

    Dean Malmgren

    co-founder, data scientist, partner

    Grossed out by jargon, Dean is passionate about “leveraging” the “synergy” between “big data” and “infographics” to design analytics for humans. read more

  • Vlad Seghete sketchy headshot

    Vlad Seghete

    data scientist

    An electrical engineer at heart, Vlad's favorite activity is taking things apart to figure out how they work. He even manages to put them back together a high percentage of the time. read more

  • Irmak Sirer sketchy headshot

    Irmak Sirer

    data scientist, partner

    Irmak likes to think of unique solutions with data while wearing sunglasses and walking away from explosions in slow motion. read more

  • Laura Rokita sketchy headshot

    Laura Rokita

    data scientist

    With a background in business and startups, Laura likes to think about how data can be used to solve business problems and build tools to make people's lives better. read more

  • Bo Peng sketchy headshot

    Bo Peng

    data scientist

    Bo is an alien (only according to the US government) who is curious about how data can shape and improve the way people think. read more

  • Brian Lange sketchy headshot

    Brian Lange

    data scientist

    A disciple in the church of the iterative design process, Brian delights in getting to the heart of people’s problems and designing analysis, software, and interface to solve them. read more

  • Aaron Wolf sketchy headshot

    Aaron Wolf

    data scientist, partner

    A former investment banker who saw the light, Aaron strives to maximize business value by integrating data into a company’s decision making process. read more

  • Mike Stringer sketchy headshot

    Mike Stringer

    co-founder, data scientist, partner

    A physicist gone wild, Mike loves using data to solve problems and help create fact-based views of the world. read more

we are hiring

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