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Maybe you've read the McKinsey report on the massive shortage of analytical talent, or been inspired by The Economist's "data deluge" article and you want to build a more data-driven organization. You're struggling with how to get started and are concerned that your team might not buy into a new data-driven philosophy.

We work with you and your team to develop a curriculum that helps everyone adopt a common vernacular about data, understand its strengths and limitations, and gain savvy into how to think more quantitatively. We make the material accessible so that, regardless of each individual's level of expertise, they will become healthy skeptics and yearn to validate suspicions with a more quantitative approach. All of this happens in a fun, non-threatening, and engaging atmosphere of experiential learning with activities that allow experts and novices alike to learn about data science. We make sure to provide enough time and instructors so that everyone can ask their own questions.

Our bootcamp

Kaplan chose Datascope to design their 12-week Data Science Bootcamp due to our experience doing data science across industries.

Datascope designed and taught a spectacular course. The experiential and collaborative format was excellent for building the capabilities of everyone involved, and it was also fun. As a result of our initial experience working with Datascope, we are excited to continue to grow and expand our relationship with them.
Jason Moss Co-founder

Why Datascope?

Our team consists of several academic expatriates that love teaching and excel at it. As a consulting firm that has helped other organizations—let alone itself—breed creative, yet quantitative thinking into its DNA, we are uniquely positioned to help you and your organization speak the language of data. Plus, being practicing data scientists ourselves, we know better than anyone else what skills and tools are required to solve real problems in everyday work.

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