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You have a feeling you can do something valuable with data. Maybe you've read Moneyball, love Nate Silver or get inspired by the New York Times data visualizations, but you aren't sure how to get started or which initiatives are the most promising.

We'll help you think through your data strategy and challenge you to think differently about what problems can incorporate a more quantitative approach. Because we build novel data driven tools, we can help you prioritize the most valuable starting points and identify potential "gotchas" in the plan so you can execute your strategy with confidence. If something is outside of our skill set, we have an excellent network of partners and independent contractors that can supplement our thinking and recommendations.

Before we worked with Datascope we were skeptical that big data and data science were the latest buzzwords. We left with a better understanding of our opportunities and a list of data science projects that are clearly quick wins for Motorola.
Jeremy Ong Director of Business Intelligence

Why Datascope?

We integrate the design process into everything we do and believe in the power of inclusive discourse, rapid iteration, thoughtful reflection, and respectful criticism. We don't believe that good advice is delivered in 200+ slide decks or mind-numbing conference calls; the best ideas are born from conversations in-person at a whiteboard.

As contributors to several open source projects, we can help you plan implementations that use the best available tools and technologies without adding to your costs with large licensing fees.

We're also a pretty damn fun group to work with.

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