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You want to take deliberate and calculated steps toward crafting an analytics tool that can help your customers or your organization. You may have a vague notion of what you want to build or what you want the tool to do. Getting started feels daunting and you'd appreciate working with experts that have "been there, done that."

We'll help you make that data science pipe dream a reality in small, incremental, cost-effective steps. The resulting tool will be tailored to your use cases to give your organization a true competitive advantage over your peers. We include you and your team in the process so that everyone is confident we're solving the right problem. As a team of teachers, we enjoy helping you understand how it all works and take inspiration from the White House Digital Services Playbook and work with our clients, whenever possible, to expedite knowledge transfer.

Datascope Analytics worked with our team to design an innovative, data-driven product that seamlessly fits into Daegis' existing work flow. By reducing our review costs by 70%, we have opened up a new revenue stream of e-discovery analytics.
Duane George CTO

Why Datascope?

Pre-made tools only get you so far. Datascope takes pride in understanding the reality of your situation, culture, business conditions, and existing tool set to build tailored solutions that dovetail with your organization and customers. Competitive advantage comes from doing something different; that's what we deliver.

Of course, there are lots of other custom software companies out there that can do these things as well. What makes us different is our unique ability to appreciate the nuances in the vast data science landscape. We've built dashboards for legal technology, interfaces for management, and machine learning APIs for technology companies.

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