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Every business has questions that can be answered using data. Perhaps your challenges contain a sensitive issue for your organization, seems a little far fetched, or can't be done by an internal team because they lack the time or expertise.

We'll work closely with you and your team to address your problems. We make sure things are completed on time and communicate our process and results clearly. We avoid dead ends with our human centered approach to problem solving and can help you implement tools for longer-term solutions when appropriate. We make it fun to work with us so that the net result isn't countless hours spent in boring meetings going over bulleted presentations that will never be looked at again.

Datascope's visualization effectively moved application of network analysis into the business environment. The custom analytics and compelling visualizations designed by Datascope Analytics enabled better decision-making for a major change initiative, and created a broad base of understanding about knowledge transfer within our organization.
Kathie Felber Principal Engineer

Why Datascope?

Our team comprises decades of experience analyzing and presenting data across many academic fields and industries, and we bring these perspectives to every problem we tackle. We move quickly and work collaboratively to identify deliverables that actually help you solve problems and make decisions, rather than dumping plots in a PowerPoint deck and calling it a day. We use whatever tools make sense and can help you choose open source tools, instead of limiting ourselves to black box solutions.

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