we value breadth and
depth on demand.

we are hiring

We expect our colleagues to sit in the drivers seat during a project and to enjoy the responsibility and sense of accomplishment as the "owner" of work that has a visible impact at a growing company.

our ideal colleague…

  • …does not take themselves too seriously.
  • …is not afraid to learn something new.
  • …likes math.
  • …will continually strive to improve on writing and speaking.
  • …is motivated by projects that will likely have a positive contribution to society.
  • …is comfortable with ambiguity / freedom.
  • …wants to be an excellent and versatile computer programmer.
  • …is a design thinker.
  • …is creative and willing to think out of the box.
  • …is well-versed in a breadth of topics, from contemporary issues in world politics to Bayesian model selection.
  • …is eager to contribute to our culture of exploration, learning, and diversity of thought.